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A mutual debt collection company on behalf of others is a national establishment with external dimensions that depends on a team with high practical experience, theoretical knowledge and legal knowledge in the field of early, late, delinquent and bad debt collection and complex financial claims and in line with the technical revolution, we have established an advanced electronic system that keeps pace with the aspirations and goals of our customers.

Caring for clients in Taradhi is one of the most important factors of our success, and we trust that our commitment to our customers means providing professional services at a high level of quality and continuing to develop them with the best technology always. Therefore, we take the initiative to serve our clients directly through field visits and communicate with them in all possible channels to facilitate procedures and services. Let us stay ahead of the curve and exceed expectations to achieve our goals

Our vision

To gain confidence and be more reliable and strive to achieve our goals within the framework of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our value

We are committed to these values ​​in all credibility with a full commitment to maintaining confidentiality through high quality that guarantees achieving the best results and in a timely manner because we know the importance of time in debt collection processes, its economic dimensions and the accompanying effects on the conduct of business. All our dealings.

Our Objective

To be always the best choice in providing our services with high quality according to the best standards and to have a contribution to raising the levels of cash flow for our corporate clients during our management of their debt collection

Follow up on defaulting clients

We rely on research resources and accurate and fast procedures to obtain effective and conclusive results

Follow-up of defaulters by communicating with them by all available methods and field visits

Collecting bad financial debts for the government and private sector

Offering solutions and providing consultations that speed up the collection process and levels of cash flow for our clients

Submit requests for execution and litigation within the controls and procedures with the concerned authorities

Reporting, data analysis, quality control and call recording with the latest technology

Maintain confidentiality and security of information with our partners

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